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Who said the internet was antisocial?

Just a quick thought…I was looking at the traffic stats for my blog, and quite frankly I was amazed. I thought no one other than a few family members, a couple friends, and the occassional wanderer visited my website. The stats were really fascinating. For example, here is a list of all locations of all visitors to in the last 7 days:


A break down within the US:


I can further break it down from here to actually see cities and towns of the visitors. I can even see what internet provider people are using that access my site (it seems like most of you use Road Runner) Amazing huh? I know that these stats are really nothing in the internet world (google for example I think does somewhere between 2 BILLION and 7.5 BILLION searches per DAY although it is pure speculation because google does not disclose exact numbers), but I must say for a regular guy just writing his thoughts I think the numbers are pretty amazing. Thanks to everyone who reads, even if I don’t hear from you it’s still pretty cool to be included in so many people’s days. Stay tuned….

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