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A dream of mom….

I’m not sure what it is, but it seems that after my mom died a lot of her close friends (and family) started having dreams of her. They would talk about how healthy, happy, and alive she looked in these dreams. And everyone talked about seeing her with that big, big trademark smile on her face (I miss that smile a lot). But the strange thing was that those who were closest to her (my sister, Tom, and I) have not had any dreams of her yet (at least that I know of for the other two). I’m not typical a big dreamer anyway. I know that I have them, but I rarely wake up in the morning with a clear memory of the movies that played in my head while I slept. But last night was different, I saw my mom.

It was a very powerful, emotional dream and I have to admit that I woke up in tears. I was riding in the car with my mom and Tom as I have done so many times. I’m not sure where we were going, but I was very much aware that I didn’t want to leave my mom again. She was sitting in the front seat with a full head of blonde hair, rosy red cheeks, and a nice bright smile. She seemed so real, so alive, so happy. I begged her not to go, not to leave, she could stay and be ok. She said, “I have to, we’ll be ok.” I started crying, and she started crying. I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me, I hugged her tightly and woke up, in tears.
This dream could be sliced and diced so many ways. Perhaps the deep emotions surrounding my mom’s death manifested themselves in a powerful dream after a few weeks of quiet. Perhaps so many sleepless nights wore me down to the point of a heavy, heavy sleep last night where I was able to have vivid dreams. Perhaps the fact that I think of my mom most of the day, my subconscious couldn’t help but let loose a vision of her while I slept. Or maybe my mom was speaking to me, from wherever we go after we die, telling me again I’d be ok and that she loved me. No one really knows, no one can really answer that for me…so I choose the last one. It felt so good to see her.

People often ask me what religion I’m using to get through this….I’ll be touching on that over the next week.

4 comments on “A dream of mom….

  1. Odette Botelho says:

    Hi Dan :)Andrea informed me of your website last night and I am so glad she did. I have gone through so many emotions and am grateful for that. With that, I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are. Your mom raised you right and I can see her radiating from within you. Please continue to support each other the way your mom would have through her wise, caring, and sensitive ways. She will always be remember her beautiful smile and her passion for living life to its fullest. I am thinking and praying for all of you. Much Love, Odette


  2. Tom Trebes says:

    Hi Dan,I agree, your Mom was telling you that you’ll be okay and above all, she loves you. Standing on the beach with you today reminded me of how much I loved being with her, how we enjoyed being at the ocean together and how much I miss her.All is well.I love you.Tom


  3. Cindy Stiens says:

    Dearest Daniel,As a mom, and very much like your mom, what she wants is for you to be happy. Your dream very possibly could have been her way of letting you know all is well!! I received counseling after the death of my mom and dad. I too was young and lost dad only 1 and 1/2 years after mom passed. During it, I was told that if they could come back and tell us anything, it would be that they are indeed fine and that we are to go on. Though difficult as it is, it is what she would want. The void is huge and irreplaceable, take one day at a time and know she is with you daily.I wanted you to know and please share with Tom and Andrea that a group of us is having a tree planted in Laurie’s memory at Winton Woods. More details will follow as I know them. It will be in by May 10. This will be a wonderful tribute to your mom and all the nature that she loved so much. I too miss her deeply! Strength, peace and love, Cindy


  4. Julie Wagner says:

    Dear Dan,Your mom and I did Life Success IPI together. Since 1999 I have been living in Germany and just heard yesterday about your mom’s transition. While I have not had contact with Laurie since our time together during IPI, I have many beautfiul memories of our IPI week and I will never forget her amazing smile and beautiful sparkling eyes, that always radiated such energy, kindness and love. Her strength and beauty touched me very much. Much Love and Peace to you and Laurie’s friends and family,Julie


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