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Life in perspective

I’m hooked. The PBS special Country Boys, a film following the lives of two teenage boys from Appalachia is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone. I can’t really put into words all the thoughts and feelings I had watching this program, but I will say that I did have an overall good feeling about people. We’re all trying to do the same things while we are here, no matter where or when you grew up. We all want to love, be loved, have fun, be fun, learn, teach, grow, and live. I know that things get complicated, and we sometimes think that the means are more important than the end.

What I saw on PBS tonight were a few boys who, despite all the walls in front of them, despite all the obstacles and distraction, they were making it happen for themselves. They were feeling out the world just as I do everyday in search of sharing love, having fun by themselves and with others, learning, teaching, growing-Living. If they can do it, I can too.

4 comments on “Life in perspective

  1. Bradley Woods says:

    Pretty Impressive man! Didnt know you had it in you! Look forward to seeing you grow as a person and excited to see what you will accomplish in the future. I admire your strength, courage and positive outlook through this tough time. Thanks for being a great friend. Later bud. ~Brad


  2. Bradley Woods says:

    Tried to leave you a comment dont know if you got it. This is a test.


  3. Bradley Woods says:

    Hey I didn’t know you had it in you man. Im definently feeling the site. Keep up the good work! I admire your strength, courage, and positive outlook through this difficult time. But keep the posts coming for sure. Very insightful and thought provoking. You know if you need ANYTHING I got your back man. Peace, love, and prosperity :). ~Brad


  4. Your Dad says:

    Dan,Your courage to share your insight about your feelings is an inspiration to many people. I am amazed how you have touched so many people with your words. Had dinner Saturday night with friends, who told me they follow your blog regularly. They told me that what you had written was guiding to them in their lives. I hope you find as much comfort in it, as you bring to others. I am always thinking of you, and praying for your healing.LoveDad


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