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Happy Birthday Mom


(from my trip last weekend to Deep Creek Lake, MD)
So my mom would have turned 55 today.  It’s hard to believe a 3rd birthday has passed since her death.  I definitely do miss her everyday, but it’s strange how life goes on.  It is so weird to see all the cards and letters I saved from her yellow in age.  I forget that she never saw me move to New York, that she never met my beautiful little niece Olivia or my crazy dog Izzy (she always told me I wasn’t ready for a dog until I had a yard).  I forget that we haven’t been able to discuss so many amazing events that have occurred in my life over the last 3 years.  I forget that life has gone on without her.

I guess that is what life is supposed to do, go on, but it sure is hard to let go sometimes.  Part of me loves each moment that ticks by because I notice her absence a little bit less, but the other part of me hates those ticking moments for the very same reason.

I am very grateful for how my life is at the moment.  I feel very lucky to have such wonderful people around me, to have so much freedom and opportunity to do things I love, to live in an amazing city, and to travel at will.  I owe so much of that to you mom.  Happy Birthday…it’s another year we’re apart but you’re certainly not forgotten.

2 comments on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Tom Trebes says:

    Beautifully written Dan. I know exactly how you feel.Love, Tom


  2. Tom Trebes says:

    Beautifully written Dan. I know exactly how you feel.Love, Tom


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