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Put it in perspective

So today I really have felt sort of down in the dumps.  I’ve had some things come up related to work that weren’t good, and part of me really just wanted to crawl under a rock and disappear.  Actually to be honest, I just wanted something to fix it all for me…That started a chain reaction, where everything felt like it was going down the toilet.  But outlook is a choice, it’s a choice of perspective.  I can look at everything and see the bad, or I can look at everything and see the opportunity.  In the past, I was just overwhelmed emotionally in situations like this, and react the same quickly: I head for the exit. I didn’t have a choice, now I do.

Instead of just going down the same path, I’m aware of the situation, how it makes me feel, and how I want to act.  It helps to put everything in perspective.  Sometimes things seem scarier than they really are.   Nothing is impossible to deal with.  I sit here thinking of where I was 2 years ago almost to the day, and I’m quickly reminded of the power of perspective. I was sitting at my old house, listening to my mother’s last few breaths rattling through the hallway upstairs, bracing for my final moments with her.  That was a scary moment.  Actually that was a moment so full of emotion, I’m still dealing with it all today.  But I came through it, and I’m so much better for it.  So what am I so afraid of at this moment?  It seems to me that the monster in the closet we’re so afraid of usually doesn’t even exist.  We were just scared of our own thoughts.

2 comments on “Put it in perspective

  1. Jerry says:

    Our own thoughts are often the scareist thing around.


  2. Jerry says:

    Our own thoughts are often the scareist thing around.


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