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The power of thoughts

“Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you’re right.” -Henry Ford …OK there are about a million ways this quote is quoted across the Internet, so I’m not really sure what the correct quote is but I think you get the message: your thoughts have tremendous power.

This is good and bad news. The good news is this means that the things you spend a lot of your time thinking a lot about, and attaching strong feelings to, will continually come into your life.  Think a lot about and feel good about your relationship?  It will continue to be and feel good.  The bad news is, thoughts and feelings attached to things you don’t want, will also continue to come into your life. Think a lot about your debt, and feel really bad about it?(tend to focus our attention on the bad, focus elsewhere)  You’ll continue to build your debt. Think a lot about a beach house in Florida, visualize it, and feel really good about it?  I promise you the situation to rent or own a beach house in Florida will present itself, no matter how unlikely it may be (as long as you don’t spend time thinking about how unlikely it may be).  The bottom line is, you truly have the ability to bring whatever you want into your life, it all depends on your thinking.  Just think about this, what are the things that you think about the most in your daily life?  If you’re constantly feeling good about where you are, and good about what you visualize for your future, things that will make that future a reality will continually come into your life.  This world is an incredible place, and you can have and do everything you want, it all starts with your thoughts.

2 comments on “The power of thoughts

  1. Tom says:

    If anybody doubts the wisdom of Dan’s words take a look at the people, places and things currently in your life. Like what you see? Continue on. Don’t like what you see? Follow Dan’s prescription.Tom


  2. Jackie says:

    Dan. I look at your website everyday – and decided today would be a good day to stop being stalkerish and respond. Your post today sounds exactly like a CD dad gave me called “Thoughts Become Things” (which I loved.) I really believe what you are saying is true – an elaboration of ‘the power of positive thinking’; very well said. All the best, Jackie


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