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The importance of Gratitude…

As I sit here on an incredibly HOT day in the beautiful island of Ocracoke, North Carolina (outer banks), it’s really hard not to be grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life. I believe it’s very, very easy to spend so much time focusing on what you don’t have, and where you’re not that you forget just how much you do have, just how far you have come. I’m spending more time focusing on just how many wonderful things I have in my life right now, by really thinking out and being grateful for things in the present. The amazing thing is, this really doesn’t come so easily to me. I tend to enjoy looking at the future knowing that I’m capable of making it whatever I want it to be, but the present tends to give me more frustrating feelings. I get annoyed that I didn’t accomplish this, I didn’t call this person, I didn’t follow that exercise plan closely, etc…And this really just gets me down. But when I’m down on myself for these things in the present, I take away tremendous opportunity for my future. It’s hard to be open and excited about all the tremendous opportunity for the future, when you’re down on the present. So, how do you change that?

It starts with gratitude. Just take a minute of your day and ramble off in your head all the things you have right now to be grateful for. I’ve started doing this myself from the second I wake up until I finish brushing my teeth, and I must say it has a tremendous impact on my attitude. I feel a lot better, I feel open, happy, full of opportunity and ready for whatever the future may bring. Be grateful where you are, and you’ll love wherever you go.

2 comments on “The importance of Gratitude…

  1. peck550 says:

    The importance of Gratitude……nice…..


  2. Teddy says:

    This is so true. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. I have been processing through the same things. It does help a lot when you think about what you got going and not the things you don’t have going currently or the things you have not yet accomplished that you would like to.


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