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How Evernote is making me a better gift giver

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We’re coming down to the final crunch of Holiday shopping and if you are like me, and you prefer, if possible, to do all of your shopping online then you are just about out of time (unless you also are Prime subscriber and can find that special gift on Amazon).  I’m usually a bit stressed this time of year (as I know a lot of people are) because I try very hard to get someone a gift that shows I know them and care about them well enough to get something they are really excited about.   But I often really struggle with this and ultimately run out of time, often I defaulting to standard gifts.

But this year, I was prepared.  I am using evernote to make me better giver. I created a notebook called “gifts” and whenever I hear someone (my wife, my sister, a friend, etc) say something like “Oh man, I’d really like to go to that restaurant,” or “I’d really love some shoes like that,” I put a note my Gifts notebook under their name.  I have been doing this for my wife over the past 3 months and it made my Christmas shopping for her this year a breeze.   Maybe she will assume I’m a mind reader, but at the very least she’ll love her gifts.

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