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Lessons Learned in 06 – Life Putting

1.Do what feels good… I think it’s too easy to complicate life with rules we always think we need to follow. Who made all these rules anyway? How many crazy rules do you have for yourself? In 06 I saw more and more the benefits of filling your days with moments of joy. As difficult as that sounds (and as horrible as it sounds that living with joy is something that can be difficult and require work), it truly is the way to living a fulfilled life. Instead of trying to figure out what’s right, what you’re supposed to do (supposedly), go with your gut, go with what feels best to you truly and I promise you that the results will amaze you. I’m only starting to understand this, but I can see the profound impact it can have on life.

quoting myself…lame, I know, but a good lesson from the past for the present.

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