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This American Life…on Love / relationships


Listen: This American Life

I finally was able to listen to this podcast on love as recommended to me by my friend Jerry.  It’s really a fascinating episode (the podcast in general is great).  The most interesting quote from this show (which sort of confirms my thoughts from the other day):

“Psychologists say that you can only stay in love for 18 months.  That’s the limit.  After that it becomes something else: admiration, respect, etc.  It becomes something else.”

That is the chemical that kicks off that puppy love we all really enjoy only lasts for 18 months or so. From there it is our responsibility to keep growing the relationship.

Listen to it here

One comment on “This American Life…on Love / relationships

  1. irving_severino says:

    I’m interested in this podcast. Which one is it exactly? O.o Searching through 10+ years of podcasts isn’t really my thing =p


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