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My Starbucks Idea

My Starbucks Idea

The reviews are not good, but I have to say  like where they are going here.  Not so much for the consumer side of things (all of the ideas on there are fairly obvious…free drink on my birthday, free drinks for every 10 coffees, etc), but because of the new Partner only idea section.  As a starbucks shareholder (don’t worry, I am a recent shareholder so I missed out on the -50% performance over the last 12 months), I’ve been reading Starbucks Gossip for the last few weeks to get an inside glimpse at operations. The site is basically a Starbucks Barista community and through the comments I have see countless good ideas from employees on how to cut down on waste, increase customer satisfaction and quality, as well as improve sales.  I, for one, think the potential benefits of tapping the wisdom of frontline people far outweighs the costs of setting up the site.  I’m a big believer in Howard Schultz, and I think he’s made the right move here.

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