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I’m good, really

It seems like everytime I post to this blog I start off with an apology for not posting in awhile and while I’m tempted to do the same here, I won’t…


Things have been great. I’ve moved into a nice new apartment on e. 17th st. just a short walk from Union Square, which I’m very excited and happy to be in. I’m even more excited to be finished with the whole New York City apartment search and moving process which quite frankly, is horrible. It’s painful, expensive, and draining becaues everyone you come in contact with immediately demands to know what they can get out of you. I guess in a place with limited supply and endless demand, being nice and having good customer service is not required to be successful. Unfortunately this has been true from the apartment brokers we worked with to the new build Super (wow is he a not nice person), and even the new building management. It seems the name of the game is to get the most money as quickly and easily as possible. This means getting people in the door and signed on the dotted line. After that, who cares what they think or say.

With all that said, I’m happy with the new place. I love this city. The energy, the endless stream of diversity and interesting sites. I love the possibilties. I love my apartment. I look forward to a new and exciting experience here.

One comment on “I’m good, really

  1. David Askaripour says:

    Glad to have you a part of NYC!!!


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