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How not to sell…

In trying to setup my HSA (Health Savings Account), I’ve been venturing into the world of horrible bureaucratic websites that require you to download PDF’s to get any information. I was fortunate to find a human friendly site in Vimo, which does a pretty good job of rating and explaining the different HSA options. It guided me to an HSA administrator I’ve heard good things about from other people called Exante Bank, so I went over to their site and was quickly frustrated.

I will pay someone a $100 if they can tell me what the fees / costs or even benefits are associated with having Exante manage your HSA because I’ll be damned if it’s anywhere on the site. But then again maybe I’m in the minority here in wanting to know what something is going to cost me before I go through application process. Perhaps there are lots of people out there who just like the name and don’t need to weigh the pro’s and cons. They can be persuaded to buy with a vague FAQ section and some pictures of happy people. Now I understand that HSA’s are a new thing and people need to be told what the general benefits are, but I’d also LOVE to know the benefits of putting my HSA in your hands instead of someone else. Hey, I’m ready to be sold, sell me!

This is a classic example of a site that is built purely from the perspective of the company/site owner and not from that of a potential customer. If a potential customer had built this site (or a smart selling company) it would hit you with the benefits right when you landed there. It would be extremely easy to navigate, and display all the costs/fees along with benefits in a clear box or diagram. It would display stories of successful customers, and it would show any press mentions they had. Maybe it would even show me / tell me their management features and just how EASY it is to mange my HSA with Exante. Actually, come to think of it, it would look a lot like this (just with HSA info)

Instead, you’ve annoyed me enough to look elsewhere.

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