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Mind Petals: Young Entrepreneur Network


I’m excited to announce today that I’ve been asked and accepted an opportunity to join the Advisory Board of Mind Petals, a thriving community for young entrepreneurs. I first heard about Mind Petals when their founder, David, wrote a little story about me after stumbling across my blog in a google search. I was flattered by the article, and ended up speaking with Dave on the phone for a little while a few days later. I had not yet moved to New York City (where Dave and Mind Petals are based), but we agreed we’d get together following my move and swap stories.

We ended up sitting down for lunch finally a few weeks ago and I immediately was impressed with Dave’s passion for the entrepreneurial spirit and his determination to make Mind Petals a successful community. To my surprise he asked if I would join the Advisory Board to offer occasional guidance, ideas, and introductions to continue the success of Mind Petals as well as republish some of my blog posts on to the site ( I guess I better get more serious about this blog writing stuff).
I think it’s a fantastic connection for both of us. I’m a young entrepreneur with limited experience but just starting to tap into my potential. Mind Petals is a young, but thriving community that sits on the verge exploding in terms of reach and impact on the world’s young entrepreneurial community. I think myself and Mind Petals are typical of the entrepreneurial generation of which I’m a part of.  We’re set on creating our own path in a way that’s positive for everyone. I think MP is in the sweet spot of opportunity to embrace the needs of this entrepreneurial generation.

I see a great opportunity to grow and learn together.

3 comments on “Mind Petals: Young Entrepreneur Network

  1. David Askaripour says:

    Dan,We are so glad to have you a part of the Mind Petals Community. Like the rest of us, you are a hungry, determined, and passionate entrepreneur making bigs moves and helping to catapult the movement of young entrepreneurs into new heights. Welcome.


  2. Bradley Woods says:

    Congrats bud, I look forward to reading more of your work.


  3. Tom Trebes says:

    Congratulations Dan!


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