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Ben Casnocha: The Blog: The Myth of One Giant Eureka Moment

Ben thinks that there’s no such thing as the “Eureka moment,” but instead good ideas are the result of a process. While I’ve certainly had moments of revelation, I have to agree that the generally creative thoughts are the result of a process and not a m

Ben Casnocha: The Blog: The Myth of One Giant Eureka Moment

2 comments on “Ben Casnocha: The Blog: The Myth of One Giant Eureka Moment

  1. Jerry says:

    Be gentle on yourself, buddy. I’m sure she understands. I’m reminded of something Parker Palmer describes in his book “Let Your Life Speak.” He talks about being depressed and the kind of support one needs then. The “it’ll all be better” chatter isn’t particularly helpful. But one friend of his helped enormously. For weeks this friend would stop by each afternoon and just sit in a chair next to Palmer, saying nothing. Support meant simply being present.


  2. maggieungers says:

    I haven’t talked to you in a long time, but I wanted to say hello. This last blog of yours touched on a lot of things that I have had to deal with lately. My childhood friend and close friend of the family, Will Sherman, died in a car accident about a month ago. He was driving his lotus on Delta Ave. in Mt. Lookout. I am sure you might have heard about it through the St. X grapevine, but it was such a tragedy for his family. Unfortunately, we are trying to help his parents through this tough time. Will was there only son. I found that in this situation, and in Kate’s situation with her mom, and in my situation with my mom, you can never underestimate the power of support and love- even if they seem they don’t want it or need it. That is just a front they put up. Deep down, I can honestly say that your mom loved all the gestures you gave her. She just wanted to appear strong for herself and her family. She wanted a normal life, but everyday in her heart she was reminded that she was fighting a serious disease. I know inside all those letters did hit a cord with her, probably so much that she appeared frustrated and upset on the outside, but on the inside that love made her heart burn stronger. You were the perfect person to have in her life during that struggle because you soften every situation. You bring a happiness and positive attitude to any situation. So what I am trying to say here, is don’t stop doing what you do so well. You can never show too much love towards someone, only too little. The “only too little part” is the most damaging. I think you should still respect the way your mom handled the situation, but realize there is never a perfect answer in times like that. If you do everything from the heart though, it is usually the best in the end.

    Hope all is well. Keep in touch.



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