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I’m back…


After spending a few suprisingly cold days in Sarasota, Fl for Reds spring training, I’m back in New York City on a beautiful 20 degree March day. That 60 degree, cloudy, windy, rainy weather doesn’t seem so bad now.

Anyway, I had a great time catching up with some good friends from high school and I really enjoyed my first spring training experience. I have to say that the Reds are teasing me once again, as they seem to actually have a good team. I know that I fall for this just about every year and get my hopes up about their chances for the season but I do think they have a chance, if a few things really go their way. I’m most excited for the best Reds pitcher in a long time if not ever to come up out of the minors this year, Mr. Homer Bailey ( picture above). I’m also very excited about a bargain bin pickup who could be a superstar, Josh Hamilton. I saw him play 2 games this weekend and I think he was probably 6 for 8 but 8 for 8 in hitting the ball hard. He’s extremely fast as well. Anyway, I’m excited to be back and ready for work.

(for the record…I DID get in the water despite the cold temps, thus keeping my streak of visiting and going in the ocean / gulf)

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