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Jetblue responds

After an absolutely painful 5 days for Jetblue, they apparently have their act together. They announced a customer bill of rights today, which I think is a good idea at heart but really doesn’t quite get it done. I will say it is a step in the right direction, and is certainly more than I’ve seen other airlines do, but they’ve ruined the whole list with a dirty phrase called “Controllable Irregularity,” which I assume means only events that are within Jetblue’s control. So if that is the case, than these whole new “Customer Bill of Rights,” would not be applicable to their most recent fiasco, the very event they were created in response to.

Some highlights:
The airline announced a new reimbursement program for delayed passengers, retroactive to last Thursday, February 15.

• Delays 1-2 hours: $25 off a future flight
• Delays 2-4 hours: $50 off a future flight
• Delays 6+ hours: Free round-trip ticket
• Increasing number phone lines open for changing reservations (key for me)
(via consumerist)

I will say I’m a big fan of David Neeleman’s (founder / ceo) move to make this video apology and post it to both youtube and It’s not the most eloquent presentation, but it’s gutsy and personable, and more direct than the typical CEO speak you see out there. This was a good move.

Despite being somewhat uncomfortable with the “uncontrollable irregularity,” I will say I’m pleased with Jetblue’s response and I will continue to fly them. They’re cheap with free live tv, can’t beat that!

My final Jetblue thought has to do with their stock price. I told a good friend after leaving the airport on Thursday to short JBLU. The stock actually traded up on Thursday (after an upgrade) only to come down Friday, and way down today (about 5% off of it’s Thursday highs, but only 1% off Weds close). All in all the stock has performed fairly well (most likely a result of Jetblue’s recent quarter), and I think that it will bounce back. That is why I bought some March 12.50 (in the money) calls this afternoon at the bottom of its fall. I’ve already made a nice return, and plan on catching this thing as it rebounds a little. I think Jetblue is a good company and most likely will come out of this thing better, so if you’re long I’d buy now.


Ok NO more Jetblue posts.

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