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Simply Amazing

I remembered today sort of randomly Steve Jobs 2005 commencement speech at Stanford, and how much I used to love reading it. My mom also loved reading it, and she actually had a print out that she read from the last few months of her life. She loved that speech. I did, and still do.

So this evening looking for a little inspiration and answers to some questions I’ve been having I turned to the video universe that is youtube in search of the actual speech. Sure enough, I found it and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone:

Time is short and death is inevitable for us all. I learned so much from my mom’s death about my life. It really seemed to cut away all the nonsense, all the fears about what’s wrong or right to do, all the worries about doing what others think is right, all the concerns about making money or looking important. It forced me to forget for a moment all the layers of crap I put on everyday when I wake up, and just be, feel, and live. But even now as time passes I forget those lessons, and I continue to put on new layers each day. Why? For what?

Do you wake up in the morning and feel good about what you’re doing each day? I hope so. You deserve it. I know I do.

One comment on “Simply Amazing

  1. niknight says:

    great speach really, very inspirational. It is so good to see people say those kind of important things, especially if they are already successful people. I want to follow my heart too.I like your blog btw!


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