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The right to choose


I have to admit that I’m somewhat annoyed.  It seems that people are truly scared to death of responsibility in their life, and they hate when others take it.

I saw an ad in my gmail for a website called, and of course wanting to know how to live I checked it out. The site is ok, but in glancing quickly at the comments I came across this:

I don’t think so. Some are destined for failure and some destined for success. for example, why do ethiopian children starve? I doubt it has anything at all to do with their lack of perseverance to find food. It is quite simple luck is needed for success and sustained success. We all need to understand that the rain falls where the rain falls.

Wow. I guess with this logic there’s really no point in me getting out of bed in the morning. I mean if everything is set for me already, then why do I even bother doing anything? If I’m meant to be wealthy, why not just play the lottery everyday instead of trying to work something else out? I’m not denying that there are many things simply beyond our control. I’m certainly not saying that starving Ethopian kids are choosing not to find food, but I think that you have to believe…everyone needs to believe that they have some sort of power on their perspective and path in life.

If you read as many bio’s as I do, you’ll see that really there are no common threads running throughout the life stories beyond the life perspective these successful people take. They KNOW they can do it. They KNOW they have the ability to bring together the life they want. Their lives may not be perfect, but they did create something that was important to them.

That’s the perspective I choose. I’m not saying we can control everything, and I’m certainly not saying that our lives will always be exactly what we had hoped. But I do know it sure feels a hell of lot better getting out of bed in the morning knowing that I have some control on the outcome of my day.

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