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Video Post…

Today I came across a few interesting videos in my normal blog reading that I thought were interesting…

One of my favorite bloggers, Fred Wilson, gave a keynote speech at the Software and Information Industry Association Summit where he talked about the future of information services. I really agree with Fred’s points about information becoming free, while attention is becoming scarce. The real future of information services will create value by capturing, filtering and delivering information at the most relevant time and place. The sea of data has become so vast, that there is no way for us all to stay up to date. There’s a tremedous opportunity in building out a service that can consantly monitor the data from all corners of the web, and alert customers when new, extremely relevant infromation become available. That’s what services like Monitor110 do for companies on Wall St, and I would imagine we’ll see more like them popping up over the next few yaers.

The speech and the Q&A session are worth watching.
Fred Wilson’s keynote
(via Darren Herman)

Get a glimpse at life inside Google from the work environment to the food. I’m really curious about Sergey’s shoes at the end called zcoils, they look comfortable but man are they dorky.
Google Recruiting video

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