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Now…not later

My friend Andrew had a good post up (not sure why I just spotted it) on Jan 1st offering advice for people hoping to make progress in the new year. He is talking about creating profitable web properties, which he’s very good at, but I really think this approach is true for just about anything anyone of us sets out to do.

Here is my #1 secret tip for 2007. If you have an idea for a web site, find a way to make that site live within hours — not days — not weeks — and most certainly, not months.

I think people tend to over complicate things, waiting for just the perfect moment before acting, instead of moving forward. It’s so much easier to talk yourself out of making a move because you don’t have this, you are waiting on that, or you are waiting on this person. Are you really? Or are you just stalling? Stop talking about doing it, stop waiting for the perfect conditions, and start acting. Remember, it’s about progress not perfection. (talking to myself as well)

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