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How not to process an online customer service claim

I”m incredibly annoyed with Yahoo Search Marketing in a number of ways, but the most pressing is the fact that we have money locked in our account with no way to get it out. Basically they have a minimum charge amount that we can’t remove or spend, and whenever our account balance approaches our daily budget (which can’t be lower than $30 a day) x 4, they charge us $30. So essentially they have $100 locked in our account….very annoying. But I was fortunate to get a little comic relief in the form of this rant I found by an Adbrite (advertising network) customer in my search for Yahoo Search Marketing advice.  It’s a classic example of a company telling you what they really think of your complaint/comment in the customer service dept.
This blogger had a very frustrating issue with Adbrite (basically they charged him without his approval) that he ultimately took up with the customer service department in the form of email. Now I know that customer service tickets are a great way for the company to keep track of a complaint/customer and hopefully to make sure the issue is resolved. I can also understand why you would want to slip that ticket into each correspondence with the customer for easy tracking, but why, oh why would you ever send a ticket that looked like this (especially after denying any wrongdoing and only refunding 1/3rd of the money):

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: DFU-######
Department: Online Support
Priority: Low
Status: Closed

Why would you ever tell a customer where they sit on your priority list, especially if it is LOW?!?! If you have to include a priority level in each email, make it a simple number code that the customer wouldn’t understand/care to see, and then put in a fake priority status of High. No one, especially your paying customers, ever wants to know they are a low priority for you even if it is the truth.

Each customer’s issue/complaint is an extremely high priority issue for them, at least make it seem like it’s the same for you.

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