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Being an “Out there person” – The Jason Calacanis Weblog

Jason Calacanis (great blog by the way) takes a look at what sort of characteristics make up an “out there person,” or really the initiators of society as I see it, both within organizations or as entrepreneurs. I would like to think that I exhibit some of these very characteristics. They include:

  1. Fast followers
  2. More flexible
  3. Open communicators
  4. Aspire to greatness
  5. Looking for new, innovative ideas
  6. In short – your future leaders

And he adds:

  • #7 Passionate
  • #8 Lovers of intelligent debate
  • #9 Don’t take themselves to seriously

You’re certainly going to need all of these characteristics to really overcome hurdles and make things happen, so this list seems pretty straight forward, but it’s always interesting to see that no matter what field you’re in, the people like this are the ones really moving things forward.

It’s worth a read.

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