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Do it now

So I’ve been missing for a few weeks on this site, and for that I apologize.  I have been very busy meeting with people, finding an apartment, and closely examining a few opportunities to grow my entrepreneurial skills.  New York really is an amazing place, and I’m grateful everyday that I get the opportunity to live here.  There are just so many fascinating things going on on, it’s so full of energy, and it’s so diverse.  I just can’t believe I’m here.

A lesson I’ve really been learning since I’ve been here is how to act.  I’d say I’m pretty good about progressing things along that need to be done, but I’m also not one who always gets things done quickly.  I especially struggle with making cold calls, but I’ve now begun to laugh all those off.  There is nothing more empowering, more educating, than acting now.  Never say, “I’d like to do that,” or “let’s figure that out then,” when you can do it right now.  I’ve really begun to feel this over the last few days, and am seeing just how powerful this is.

There really is no reason to not move forward with something you want or need finished right this second.  It feels great…I’ve got some really exciting news coming.

by the way, feel free to email me if I haven’t spoken to you in awhile or are looking to visit me in nyc.

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