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New York

Well I wrote a post last week along these lines, that for some reason never was posted and has since disappeared…somewhat annoyed, I’ll write again.

I made the big new york move last Sunday evening, and my head has been spinning ever since.  This place is truly amazing.  There are unlimited places to eat, activities to explore, people to meet, and opportunities to capitalize on.  I’m so happy to be here, and I’m incredibly excited to get things moving.

I’d be lying if I told you that leading up to last Sunday I wasn’t a little nervous, a little scared, and a little hesitant.  While I really had nothing going on in Columbus, it was certainly safe as I had a nice network of contacts, both professional and personal, it was cheap and very comfortable. It’s amazing how strong the pull for comfort is. I had settled in nicely, and was constantly fighting a voice in my head to stay just a little bit longer.  It’s sort of like trying to do a high dive, looking up at board it doesn’t seem so high, but once you get up and it’s time to jump, it seems way too high.  You begin to sell yourself on why you shouldn’t jump, and that once strong urge to jump has since faded. But sometimes, you just have to jump.   I jumped, and it’s not scary at all. It was definitely a time for a jolt…a big jolt.

New York may be the biggest jolt, I’ve experienced yet.  I’m so excited to be here…more to come.

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