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Go Fearless

What are you so afraid of?  What is holding you back from having and doing exactly what you want?  Why are you so stuck on the idea that it HAS to be this way, or HAS to be that way?  These are questions that I ask myself a lot, and other people.  Why is it so easy for us to assume things are hard, when it’s all just relative.  I’ve learned a ton in my life over the last 2 years, but most importantly the lesson I’ve learned, and it’s just really starting to filter in to my everyday decisions, is that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in this lifetime.  Don’t get me wrong, there will be a lot things that come my way that may make me uncomfortable, may scare me, may slow me down, but why should I be afraid of them now?  Why should I be afraid of them then?  But again, more importantly, why be afraid of them now.  You can’t prevent something simply because you’re afraid of it, if anything I think you put yourself in a position to make it more likely.

I believe simply that the less fear you have in your life, the more happiness, success, and opportunity you have. Fear is an acknowledgement of lack of control.  When you feel fear, you feel as if bad things are going to happen because they are outside of your control.  Now don’t get me wrong, bad things will definitely happen that are outside of your control.  But surrendering your personal power, your ability to be truly optimistic about yourself and your life will make it harder for you ever to have what you want.  Bottom line move beyond the fear, believe in You, believe in your ability to deal with everything and anything that comes your way, and I promise that so many doors will open in front of you it will be overwhelming. I’m just seeing that now, slowly dropping the fear, and welcoming all the amazing opportunities into my life.  It’s so awesome to see all that is available to me, when I let go of the fear (just for brief periods of time, but I’m getting better).   I promise the same is true for everyone, be open to it.

2 comments on “Go Fearless

  1. Tom Trebes says:

    Dan,Thank you for the reminder that fear is just a mental construct. I wish you nothing but the best as you move into this new phase of life, living and creating in New York City.Love,Tom


  2. Bobby, Son of James says:

    Danilio,Reading your passage on fear and the freeing sensation you get from letting it go reminds me of the feelings I had after the Roger Bacon car crash in 1996. I remember being afraid of exams and fitting in and friends and popularity and sports and school, etc., and as soon as the accident happened to my friends I had this incredible release of the general idea of being afraid because life is so tenuous–and there is nothing you can do about it. I remember thinking two things: one, what a waste of energy being afraid is, and two, how meaningless life is unless you live every day being your true self. The latter has stayed with me since then and I still think about it with respect to the car accident in 1996. However, the former is a more difficult realization to sustain, and I just want to say thanks for the wonderful insight and reminder. Very valuable. Go fearless, buddy. Say hi to my sister in NYC. And I love the pic of you on Ponte Alla Carraia on the Arno in Florence. Money. Stargate for life,Bobby


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