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Why Not?

So I’m fresh back from a nice long weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico and man do I feel good.  When I travel, especially to see the ocean, I always fill up with energy, excitement, and fresh perspectives all around.  I really enjoyed San Juan, as it really reaffirmed my goal to live in a Caribbean or Central American country for a year or two.  It really got me thinkingif that sounds so amazing and exciting to me, why wouldn’t I do it?  Fear? Probably.  Outside pressure not to? Probably.  Doubts?  Probably.  But man when an idea sounds and feels so good in your head, how can you really turn it down?   I’m not talking about outlandish dreams that you’d sure like, but not one ounce of your body ever believes will ever be, no, I’m talking about those dreams that are just close enough out of reach to excite you.  I’m talking about those dreams that linger in the background of your life, filling your “I’d really like to…” sentence.  I am going to begin writing down every single “I’d really like to…” sentence, and make a point of crossing a few off my list every year.  That includes the big ones, like move to New York or move to Costa Rica, and the small ones like take piano lessons, improv classes, or meet with this person.   I know following through on these will not only feel good (after all I’m doing things I want), but it will also strengthen my ability to dream big.

So after going to Puerto Rico, I feel more so now than ever that I will live in a tropical Caribbean or Central American country where I can live by the sea and learn Spanish.  It’s sounds crazy, huh?  But really, why not?  What am I saving myself for?  What am I holding on to?  Again, Why not?

After all, “I’m glad I did it,” sounds and feels a whole lot better than, “I wish I had.”

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