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More than breathing….

I listened to a few podcasts that had interviews with entrepreneurs today, and one thing that one of the guys said really stuck out in my mind.  When asked what he thought about building a company for profits, he said

“Of course when you set out to create a company, you know that it must make a profit to survive, but profits can’t be what you do.  Profits are a lot like breathing, you must do it to survive, but you don’t live your life to breathe.”

I love this.   I know there are so many times in my life that I get so caught up in what I think must be done, that I think that is what I’m really after.  Why build a company? Because I can make some money….That can’t be what this is all about.  I can’t go get a job because it gives me a paycheck. That would be like telling people that I breathe for a living.  Making money is an implied, we all need to do it, so why not do something meaningful to get it?

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