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White with envy…..


There is a major snowstorm in the northeast, and I’m really jealous I’m
missing it. As those who know me well know, I LOVE SNOW (and weather),
and I would be pretty much in heaven right now if I was up in NYC with
my sister. I’ve been watching a lot of the weather channel, reading, and some of my weather blogs to keep
track of this storm.

This really has been an amazing storm, dumping so
far 23 inches of snow in Nyc (the largest one storm snow total was set
back in 1947 with 26 inches, which will probably be passed by today’s
storm). This storm has been incredibly intense and fun to watch, at
one point it dumped 12 inches of snow in 3 hours at central park!!!

I can’t really say why I love weather so much. I know that a love for
snow comes from my school days where pretty much the greatest feeling
in the world was seeing “winton woods” or “mt healthy” schools closed
on the local news (I mean who wouldn’t love a snow day?!). From there
I started watching the weather channel obsessively to know what
potential snowstorms were on the horizon, and I guess I just got sucked

An interest in weather was something my mom and I definitely shared.
She is one of the few people who could tolerate the weather channel
being on all the time, the hours of useless snow footage I took with
spike (the best dog ever), her and I, and the snow samples bagged from big storms and
stored in the freezer (I know it’s weird, but again I love snow). In
the recent years she enjoyed my hourly updates from “apuzzo,”
constant phone calls during winter storm and hurricane seasons, and
satellite and radar images of the storms. She, like me, just loved
the beauty, the simplicity, and the power of weather. It’s so much
more than rain and cold inconveniencing your monday commute to work, or
snow delaying your flights….it’s what sustains us, sustains life,
it’s a common bond we all share as citizens of the planet, and it’s a
reminder that we are just a small part of something so much bigger.
For me it also has so much fond memories, so much excitement, and so
much happiness tied to it. In the intense excitement (and jealousy) I
feel for today’s snowstorm, I can feel my mom and our many weather

Enjoy some of the many snow pics from New York on Flickr (an awesome photo site)
View as slideshow


and enjoy it

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