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A poem…

I was at one time a big writer of poetry.  I’m not going to tell you my poems were earth shattering, nor will I promise you that they are even good, but I can tell you that all of them are accurate snapshots of my mind and my heart at the time they were written.  And that is really why I love reading back through them.  Anyway, I found my old poetry list on my computer (I wrote them in my journal, but kept them all on the computer as well) and found this poem I’m posting now.  This poem was written at that very same spot (Florence, Italy on a bridge on the Arno River) the sunset picture on the top of my page was taken so I though I’d share it:

Orange Ball

I’ve seen it a million times

Seven thousand, eight hundred and forty seven to be exact

But it never seems boring

It always pleasures my eyes,

Tickles my soul

I’ve seen it a million times,

But it never grows old.

DP 7-30-02 Florence at Sunset

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