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A surprise

Well I was expecting the checks, but I certainly wasn’t expecting this:


On Saturday morning UPS delivered to my door this wonderful gift basket
from the company I did some affiliate marketing for this past
Christmas. Without getting into to too much detail here, I basically
used my skills in online advertising to drive customers to this
particular merchant’s website, and every time I sent a customer there
who purchased something, they paid me a commission. It worked….
really well. I generated nearly $19,000 in commissions in about 40
days, and $12,000 of that went into my pocket (after advertising
expenses). And the icing on the cake was this nice little gift basket,
which was really a surprise. It even came with a little card thanking
me for my “wonderful Holiday sales.” I’m sure a lot of people are
asking, why would they pay me $19,000 in commissions and send me
a gift basket with a note? Well with my computer and my brain, I
generated $196,000 in sales for this company in the 40 days I
advertised for them. It certainly was a win-win. I have to pat myself on the back on this one, I took an idea from a magazine article and turned into a lucrative practice in about 12 days.

The Internet is simply incredible.

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