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Unique Ability

In preparation for the seminar this past weekend I was asked to send out a brief questionaire to a few friends and family. It was a short one, only one question, but full of potentially complicated answers. From the letter I was given to send out:

“What do you see as my unique ability? My unique ability will include activities that I have been developing all of my life, characteristics that describe me, and anything that impresses you about who I am, what I’m good at, and how I do things.”

It really felt good to hear all the responses, and to read what people see/think when they look at you. The 5 common qualities people saw in me based on my responses:

1.) Visionary – Constantly looking for ways to change things for the better

2.) Excellent Communicator – Unique ability to express thoughts, feelings, and lessons through both written and spoken word.

3.) Passion driven learner – The ability, when passionate, to soak up anything and everything on that particular subject.

4.) Analyzer – ability to see to the core of issues as well as from many different angles, and to really understand how things work.

5.) Risk taker – isn’t afraid to go out on a different path, to try it a different way, or to experience the failures.

It is really amazing that the very traits you really admire about other people, the things that I look at and say, “wow,” are generally the traits that others saw in me. The real beauty of this exercise is that it provides you with a look at you, through the eyes of others. Generally unique abilities are traits within you that come so easily, so naturally that it is nearly impossible for you to really appreciate them. You just go through your daily life assuming that everyone else is that way. They’re/We’re not. Everyone should try this (you don’t have to go a seminar), just copy the question above and send out an email (it’ll only take a second). The results will surprise (not to mention, make you feel pretty good in the process).

One comment on “Unique Ability

  1. your dad says:

    Dan,Lynne and I had dinner with Larry and Patty this weekend, and the subject of your blog came up. Patty talked about how she still reads it, and finds value in what you have to say about your working through your grief. She talked about the let the cat out story, gave her perspective on her own life. I was so proud. I hope you get the same healing value out your writings as you provide to others. you are always in my thoughts and prayers.Love Your dad


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