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another intention

Despite some movement this week for my company, Call True, I’m still incredibly frustrated at the pace things are moving. If you asked me two months ago where I’d be with this company at Thanksgiving, I would’ve given you an answer along the lines of “15 customers, revenue of $10,000 a month, 4 partners.” Well, that hasn’t happened, and while I can’t complain that we have been able to build a nice client list (well people who have agreed to use, and are trying our service but no one who has paid us anything), the money has been difficult to come by. The worst part is I believe I’m starting to lose a key part of this business, my partner and head programmer, Jeff. He is very busy, and has never really set out to be a major part of this business, but it’s getting harder and harder to get his attention without money coming in. Which of course makes my job of improving the product, and optimizing it for our customers much more difficult. The goal has always been to remove him from the role he has now, and to bring in some young, hungry, talented programmers who compliment my obsession with the latest and greatest technology. I’m also somewhat stuck on really where to go next, other than to focus on making some more sales. I have pulled back slightly on the throttle on exactly who I’m contacting because our product really isn’t ready for a big time customer. What I really would love, and I’m putting out an intention here, is an experienced organizer. I am an impulsive ideas guy. I tend to go in spurts, so when I think “click to call is the best idea for dating websites,” I go after dating websites. I call and contact all the dating websites I can think of, and dream up how it should and will work for them. This is great when you’re a sales guy, or your developing a strategy, but when you’re overseeing the whole company’s development-this is a major distraction. I want someone who can work with me and do all that “organizational crap.” Someone who I can meet with and say, ok we need to get here-you build the processes and organization that gets us there. So I can continue to create an innovative, complex, yet simple product and chasing after the big guys like dating sites. And my organizer can keep us on the straight path. I’ll be honest, I don’t have really any management skills at this point other than what I was born with. I know that currently I don’t have the skills to manage a billion dollar company. But the truth is, I don’t have any interest in managing a billion dollar, or a 100 million dollar, or even a 5 million dollar company. I just want to create them.

In a natural way I intend for an experienced, excited, ideals driven, fearless, innovative organizer manager who is obsessed with creating a company that makes the world for customer’s a better place.

I’ll let you know how this works out.

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