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My mom, my sister, and I at my sister’s wedding in June.

it’s amazing how life can change with a few words. My mom has been fighting breast cancer for over a year now. It’s a subject I haven’t talked about much because her wishes have been for everyone to remain positive and live their lives normally. And quite frankly, being out of town it’s been pretty easy to do just that. I’ve just sort of pushed it into the back of my head, feeling that she would be fine in time. I never really knew her condition, other than it wasn’t your run of the mill cancer. She’s been undergoing chemo for a year now, as well as focused on the healing of herself within. She’s a believer that life is a journey chosen by ourselves, and we’re meant to learn some key lessons throughout it. If we miss an opportunity to learn a lesson, it simply returns on a slightly more aggressive scale. So for example, problems with trust first start as issues with your friends in grade school. You’re unable to learn the lesson there, so it comes back in your teenage years as jealousy with your girlfriend. IF you miss it there, it comes back as problems with your wife. The lesson is coming because you requested it, you’re destined to learn it. My mom believes this breast cancer is an aggressive lesson coming back to be learned. She believes her body has the power to heal, to refresh itself, and she’s working to do just that.

I was shattered to my knees this morning when I heard that my mom’s cancer had spread to her brain. It took me so long to simply write that sentence above. It scares the hell out of me. My mom and I have relied on each other for so long. It was just her and I sinceI was about 10. We had some incredibly hard times, but we healed each other and learned great lessons about the world. She’s so strong, and so scared. Quite frankly, I would do anything to help her heal. She’s so strong, so smart, so loving, and the world to me. She’s in hospital now for the first time since she gave birth to me. She hates hospitals. I want to be with her, but she insists that my sister and I continue on with our lives as she works on healing. She knows this is her journey, and hers to fix. Currently she is in Houston at the Burzynski Clinic, an alternative treatment center. Traditional medicine can’t help my mom at this time, it’s time for her to heal herself (along with some help from Burzynski). I’m in one of those nightmares where everything around me seems so empty. Yesterday I was obsessing over my business, frustrated with the way things were going, with how someone didn’t respond to me or something has not been finished. Now, I could care less. Ignorance is truly bliss. I’m staying away from google…I know there are bad stories and articles about the Burzynski clinic and his treatment strategies. I’m staying away from time frames, statistics, and percentages. I’m focusing on my mom. She’s too important, too loved, and too strong to go anywhere. I believe in the power of good thoughts.

Please have a good thought, prayer, meditation, or send positive intentions my mom’s way today. And please pass this on to others who can do the same.

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  1. Lee Shadle says:

    Your mom is in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything buddy, I’m here for you.


  2. 2 year ago… at Life Putting - Dan Putt says:

    […] My post from that weekend 2 years ago […]


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