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I Will Teach You To Be Rich: On greed and speed

I read a fantastic blog post today on

As an entrepreneur, people often assume I’m doing this for the money. They think I’m going for the quickest way to the biggest buck, oh how wrong they are. If I were pursuing this path for money, I would’ve left a long time ago. I graduated from OSU last December, but most of my friends graduated the June before that. They all have secured themselves decent jobs, that pay them decent money in a very stress free 9-5 kind of way. I on the other hand have scraped to get by on my way to starting 3 companies, one of which paid me just enough to get by, one that cost me money, and one that has yet to pay me a dime (although it’s coming). If money was the ultimate driver for entrepreneurs, I would’ve been out of here a long time ago. But as he touches on in the article above, being an entrepreneur is not about getting rich quick, it’s about creating value in something you believe in. I went after Engenius Motors ( the second company that cost me money) because I KNEW that my advanced internet understanding could be packaged and offered to everyday people as a hassle free way to sell a car for more money. Ultimately that flopped due to some major laws I came up against. When I worked on Enviar (my first company that actually made money) I knew that my love of gadgets, and openess to international commerce offered entrepreneurs abroad access to the latest, and greatest tech toys at even better prices. I’ll admit this first company was created more about the money, but as I developed more partnerships worldwide I began to see the big picture. Bottom line, being an entrepreneur is not about getting rich. I have so many friends who “will open their own businesses,” and the first thing they go to is “we can make a ton of money.” And I know right there, they are no entrepreneurs. Entrpreneurs are driven by the need to create value, by the need to make something better, by the need to share their passion. The money? That follows the passion. What are you passionate about?

2 comments on “I Will Teach You To Be Rich: On greed and speed

  1. Kelley Bell says:

    Helping humanity evolve in harmony with nature.


  2. Bradley Woods says:

    This is good stuff! I completly agree with everything you said. A true entrepreneur will stand the test of time. If your not passionate about what you are doing then how can you accept setbacks and outright failures? An entreprenuer is mentally tough because they believe in what they are doing. Keep the good stuff coming!


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