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“Great companies aren’t born, they’re grown”

Via 37 signals:

“Apple started in a garage. Dell started in a dorm room. Starbucks started with a single store. Nike started out of a car trunk. Crate & Barrel started with a single store without budget for displays so they used shipping crates and barrels to display their products. Anthony Maglica started making Mag Lights in his garage. Google started as a thesis. eBay and Amazon share similar stories. Great companies need to grow into great companies. They need room to make mistakes. They need room to go unnoticed for a while. They’re just like people. Be ambitious, but grow into it.”

I’ve always loved working on my business at Cup O Joe. It’s a place where I can really focus, yet revel in the excitement of going after my own dreams. Some people look at my daily routine of working in my “office,” (cup o joe) as a sad scene. They see me as a college boy who just won’t get a real job. I bet some of those guys above got the same reactions from some of their peers- “what are you doing?” I’m going after my dreams.

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