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Staying Focused

I have to say it is really difficult at this point in my life to stay fully focused and committed to one thing, when there seems to be opportunity around every corner. I recently found that one of the businesses I was attempting to start hit a major legal wall, but to be honest with you it wasn’t that bad. True I have worked very hard getting to the point I’m at, only to realize that everything needs to be changed if that company is ever to make money. But, alas one door closes and another opens. Almost at the same time engenius (the first business) went down, a new idea popped up, which has moved surprisingly quick. It went from an idea in June, to a discussion in July, to having 3 dedicated workers in August and meetings with 2 fortune 500 companies. I’m also in serious discussions with my entrepreneur group to develop a fantastic opportunity for people like us in Columbus to connect. We’re talking a networking opportunity that has never been done before. That idea has only been in discussion for a few weeks, and is probably only a month away from hitting a massive scale. In addition to this, I’m constantly talking real estate with my good friend Pete, who despite having 8 kids, lives rather comfortably thanks to his passion for life and real estate. He loves every day that comes into his life, and I doubt that even in the darkest moments his incredible spirit is challenged. He’s a fantastic guy for someone like me to talk to and hang out with. I’m so used to people hearing about me and acting like I’m crazy. The funny thing about telling people you’re an entrepreneur is that you always get the feeling that the second they hear that a little voice goes off in their head that says
“look at him, he’s just a kid, if you couldn’t do it then he can’t.” Pete of course is the exact opposite. He thinks all of my ideas are “the greatest he’s ever heard.” And he is really open to teaching me all tricks of his real estate trade. As he says, “I’d love to see everyone I know down at Siesta Key, living the good life. There’s plenty to go around.” Perhaps my real focus, should be attitude. If you can live a life where everyday feels full of opportunity, hope, and abundance, then well what else do you need? Right now, I’m just enjoying one hell of a ride.

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