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Yahoo beats google

I have to admit I am a big time google fan. I read every piece of news they throw out, and I’m one of the first to download any new products. I use google to check for definitions, as a calculator, as an organizer, a phonebook, a map, a translator, and of course THE answer. So when google video came out, I couldn’t wait to find a reason to use it. I really had to search a reason to use it, and somehow I came up with checking out the Tony Danza show. I wanted to know if his comments looked even more stupid written out. Of course Google Tv worked perfectly and I was somewhat satisfied with this service. But then I shot over to Yahoo to see how their video search worked. I was blown away. They actually have the video. Google TV is a neat idea, but it cames up short. Way short. Google TV compared to Yahoo Video is like watching American Idol in closed captioning, you can get how things are going but it really is not the same thing. And it’s a waste of time. Yahoo video gives you the real thing. You can search just about anything and get actual video. I’m using it now to watch the 60 minutes clip on google. It sure beats reading the transcript on Google TV, ha if I wanted to read I’ll go to the library. Don’t worry Google, you’re still my favorite, just not when it comes to video.

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