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Letting go

It’s amazing how the same themes seem to run throughout your life. One constant lesson being thrown in my face is the struggle of proving my worth to others. I’m at a pretty exciting time in my life, and I’m energized and optimistic about my present and my future. Yet despite all the good, I still am driven to prove to others just how good it is, just how hard I work, and just how much I’m worth. People can make seemingly insignificant comments that can suck the wind from my sails for days. They can literally pull everything to a screeching halt. I can go from completely confident and driven to confused and listless. I’ve always been quick to blame them for having such a powerful negative effect on me. But how can I blame them for how I choose to feel? This is all me. I’m the one who fails to keep the wind in my sails. I’m the one who doubts where I am and where I’m going. I’m the one who needs to get this, or it will keep smacking me in the face. Why spend so much wasted time and energy worrying if my actions are enough, if my dreams are possible, if I’m doing the wrong thing? How dare I let someone have so much power over my dreams? I’m choosing to let go. I’m choosing to be free of this burden. I’m choosing to live and love the path I’ve chosen. I’m choosing to put the wind back in my sails. It feels pretty good.

One comment on “Letting go

  1. CindyLooWho says:

    Rock on. Someone is reading out there. I know how you feel. Keep dreaming.


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