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Meaning of life

paraphrased:  "To find the meaning of life is to find the meaning of your everyday activities…"

I was reminded of this recently after speaking with a friend who is a successful entrepreneur.  He was having a moment of burn out, the feeling that he's been working so hard for years to effectively stay in place.  Knowing him well, I know it was only a temporary downturn, a moment of doubt that would pass.  He loves what he's doing and wouldn't really be anywhere else doing anything else.  But it did get me thinking.  So many people I talk to seem to be very set on that big moment in the future…the big customer acquired, the big fundraising round, and of course the big exit.  A lot of people I speak to are fixated on one or many of these events.  But those are the 1% events, happening just every once in awhile.  What about the other 99% of your time?  Are you noticing that too?  Are you doing what you can to appreciate the other 99% and all that it provides?  The other 99% is life.  So if you're heading into a startup fixated on what the 1% moments will mean to you, but dreading the 99% that it will take to get you there, you need to re-evaluate your path or your perspective.  
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