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Perception of problems

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We all have problems.  Some people think the problems in front of them are the worst problems anyone in the world is facing.  Others see their problems as nothing more than puzzles that need to be solved.  Worse some see their problems as reflections of who they are and how they run their life.  I’ll admit to being that last one a good deal of my life.  It’s not a very fun way to deal with things.  So not only are you dealing with the external challenges, but you’ve added the fun of beating yourself up for creating those challenges.  It makes things a bit more complicated.  It’s hard to realize you’re even doing this (if you are) until you learn more about how other people see the challenges they face in life.

Yesterday morning I had coffee with my friend TJ. TJ has some very complicated issues in front of him, including a business that is suffering and scrambling for credit as well as being sued by a competitor.  And while TJ is not enthusiastic about dealing with all of this, he’s not reading too much into all of it either.  These are issues that need to be dealt with.  They are not a reflection of who he is or how good of entrepreneur he is, they are simply part of the process of living and running a business.  TJ simply sees these “problems” as steps forward in growing as a person, and growing his business.  I like that.  And it’s true.  No matter how good you are at anything, you’ll have to deal with these challenges.  It’s part of life.  The trick, the opportunity, is understanding how you perceive these problems.  You can see them as proof you’re a “bad” person and hide from them, or you can see them as opportunities to progress in life.  I’m going to try the second I think going forward.


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