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Dear Jetblue,


I really want this to work…I really do. I love cheap fares, I love your plush leather seats, I love your fairly quick check in process, and I really LOVE your DirectTV in every seat, but you’re making this really hard. First you completely cancelled my trip to Columbus a few weeks ago after your meltdown. Now this..

About 10am this morning you sent me an email letting me know that due to some sort of scheduling conflict the plane scheduled to take me to Columbus tonight was no longer available, BUT you had arranged for another plane, which would not have plush leather seats or TV’s, but it would get me there. As a nice gesture you gave me a Jetblue credit of $25. Nice move.

So when I arrive to the airport for my 9:40 flight you treated me again…20 minute delay. Ok, so not the end of the world. Now it’s 10:20pm, and we’ve learned that the flight has been delayed due to “crew scheduling conflicts,” until AT LEAST 10:45 but we’ll have to wait for more updates. Annoying, and very troubling because it is a movie I’ve seen before.  I have a feeling I may hear the words “cancelled” soon.

Now I realize that airlines screw up a lot. Hey, it’s a complicated business, but you’ve now slammed me on back to back trips. Who knows, you may successfully ruin 2 trips in a row. And it’s becoming clear that despite your great fares, your plush leather seats, your fantastic live TV service, and your potentially $100’s of dollars in credits, that I may very well have to say goodbye to you. Hopefully someday you can get your act together, and we can fly together again, but until then I need an airline that can consistently get me to my destination on the DAY they said they would.

3 comments on “Dear Jetblue,

  1. Bradley Woods says:

    First off, you love this video man. I can understand why though, its full of great nuggets.

    Doing what you love is easier said than done. Many people are caught up by a range of excuses, lack of time and/or money, no support, too competitive, whatever. I know cause I have been there and I feel like I am constantly beating these fears back as I continue to charge forward. I think that is why I like this video too. I know Jobs has been in the same position but he has made it through. He puts on his pants the same way I do and I know I can make it through too.

    Sometimes it feels like I am drifting at sea all alone trying to find the promised land and it comforts me knowing that others have been there and made the most of their curiosity, courage, imagination, determination, and drive. Against all odds and circumstances.


    1. danputt says:

      Good points man. It is tricky though because what works for Jobs, what made
      sense for him, will probably not work for you. There are similar themes at
      play, but ultimately everyone has to find and go their own way. I guess,
      going back to your pants statement, you both do wear pants, but Jobs likes
      his Levi’s (I think) and you like your Guess (not sure what you like).


  2. You’re on your way….finding what you love is happening everyday a little bit at a time. Day in and day out. In my experience life is ups and downs, and challenges, and progress, and all sorts of turns and twists along the way. Passion in my opinion is about moments. Not about expecting that everything will always be perfect day in and day out (not that that was your point at all). But I don’t think it is realistic, to only settle for perfection and passion. Strive for a series of great moments or lots of great moments. How does one know what is great, without knowing it’s opposite? I love Esther Dyson’s email tagline: Make mistakes often, just not the same ones.


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