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New York observations (update)

My friend Lee in response to my New York Observations post has sent me a few interesting links about regional dialect. For those of you that know me well, you already are aware of my focus on language. For some reason I have a very good ear when it comes to picking up on the way people speak and their vocabulary (my dad is also very good at this). I also enjoy imitating or some would say “making fun,” of the differences but in a funny not mean way (hey, I’m a nice guy).

some links:

This site takes a look at what different people from all over the country call what I call pop. It doesn’t seem to be a regional thing anymore, except for calling all pop Coke seems to be a southern thing. Take a look at a few of the “others,” they are really interesting. I think that “soda pop,”and “soft drink,” are to be expected, but I was totally shocked by the large number of people who apparently call pop “tarzan slam.” Is that real?

Fascinating look at the American Language. As I expected as a midwesterner, my accent and dialect is considered “normal.” Ha, it doesn’t say that but I’ll continue to believe it. Lee and I could agree that we can both be thankful that we don’t say “yinz,” like those of you who are from Pittsburgh. What is that? What does that even mean?

Yesterday I also forgot to mention the New York walkers. You will not find more professional high speed walkers perhaps anywhere else in the world than you will find here. My personal comfortable walk pace has sped up considerably since I moved here, but I’m still consistently passed. I’m always blown away when I’m walking at what I think is a very fast pace, but I get passed easily by a girl in incredibly high, high heels who is on her cell phone and carrying an enormous purse. How?

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