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What’s the difference?

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “I wish I could do or be like that?” I’m sure we’ve all had our moments of watching lifestyles of the rich and famous, reading about the super rich, or glancing through gossip mags where we were amazed at how some people live.  I know myself I’ll read through inc, business 2.0, entrepreneur, or fortune and see people doing amazing things with their careers and their lives and think “man I wish I could do that.”  So the question is, what’s the difference between me and them?The answer?  Not much.  It’s easy to believe that they are where they are because they were born with some god given talent (which is definitely true, true for everyone), or because of who their parents were, where they went to school, or who they know but that’s not what stands between you.  The difference is their attitude, or more accurately: your attitude.

Richard Branson, one of my favorite entrepreneurial stories, didn’t come from a particularly rich or connected family.  Nor did he go to a super prestigious school, but yet he sits atop one the largest business empires in the world.  How?  He always believed he could do it.  He never doubted in his ability to create the life he wanted for himself, and so of course once you realize you can create the life you want, you create a pretty amazing one.

My point is that there really is very little that differentiates us from someone we idolize.  We all are human, we all start as kids, we all have our weaknesses, our tough moments, our difficulties, our hills to climb, and we all can live how we want…if you believe it.  You can see that believing in your ability to create the life you want, really erases any walls you currently put up between what you want and what you have.  You’re not risking anything, if you know it’s going to happen.  You want to live like Richard Branson?  See it, believe it, then do it.  He’s amazing person, but his greatest asset is his outlook on life and the world.  He KNOWS he can have and do exactly what he wants.  It’s not something untouchable that separates us from our envies and idols, it’s simply our attitude.

Believe in, and have exactly what you want.

(This is a work in progress for me as well)

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