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Book Review….A whole new mind

Ok, so no complaints here about my scattered notes but here’s the deal… I take notes on most if not all of the books I read, and I usually just save them in a folder in my gmail account for further review. But I figured I’d just start posting the notes on here, regardless of how jumbled they may appear to everyone else. So without further adieu, here are my own personal notes for the Daniel Pink book, A Whole New Mind:From the Information Age to the Conceptual age.

(again these were just for me, sorry if they are confusing)

*The future belongs to creators and empathizers, patter recognizers, and meaning makers. These people-artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, caregivers, consolers, big picture thinkers -wil now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys.The Brain:
Left Brain: sequential reasoning, excels at analysis, words, and numbers, calculations…sequential thoughts
Right Brain: holistic reasoning, recognizing patterns, emotions, nonverbal expressions (facial expressions)..Right brain is great at simulataneous calculations, such as recognizing someone’s face, done by seeing the whole face as one (L brain would look at smile, nose, eyes, cheeks then verify)Abundance, Asian, Automation
We have everything we want at our fingertips, so much so that the normal goods are no longer good enough and no longer remarkable. Left brains have made us rich, powering us into the information economy which has provided us with a standard of living that would’ve been unfathomable to those in the past.
-during the 20th century the aspiration of most Americans was to own a home and a car, now more than 2 out of 3 Americans own homes and cars (in fact 13% own second homes and we have more cars than licensed drivers!)
-self-storage business is exploding, $17 billion a year, more than film industry
–The very triumph of l-brain directed thinking has lessened its significance, as it is placed a premium on less rational, more R-directed things…beauty, spirituality,emotion

-One out of 10 us jobs in computer, software, and IT will move overseas in the next two years. One in 4 will be offshored by 2010.
-at least 3.3 million white collar jobs will shift from us to india, china, and russia by 2015

Basically whatever sequential, computational, analytical, or “rational” work that can’t be done cheaper in Asia, will be done by computer programs.

Ask yourself:
Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
Can a computer do it faster?
Is what I’m offering in demand in age of abundance?

Six senses for the Conceptual Age
1. Not just function but also DESIGN
2. Not just argument but also STORY
3. Not just focus but also SYMPHONY
4. Not just logic but also EMPATHY
5. Not just seriousness but also PLAY
6. Not just accumulation but also MEANING

Value of significance is rising
Design = utility + significane

Every $1 invested in design yields an additional 3-4 cents of profit

well designed Dr.’s office tends to help patients get better faster than those with plain surroundings

-Buildings give off more polution than autos and factories combined (due to their electricity usage)
-Ex: more cars than licensed drivers places increased empahsis on car design, utility is no longer a priority.

Design practice:
choose an item that annoys you…without a computer or the internet, sit down with a pen and paper and redesign it yourself
1.don’t specialize
2. consume experiences, not things
3. Normal is not good
4. Here and now is all we got

-Think about how design affects you on a daily basis

We communicate through stories, it’s our natural mode of sharing information and what our brain remembers best.
Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee

-entrepreneurs are systems thinkers, capable of seeing things whole
-self made millionaires are 4 times more likely to be dyslexic than the rest of the population because they have been forced to think big, see the big pictures

Beethoven’s 9th Mozart No. 35 Mahler 4th on G
Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Haydn’s symphony
-Flickr inspiration group
powers of 10
metaphors we live by
no waste
how to see
interpersonal dynamics

-empathy quotient (
-face test and

laughing club
-video games are far more for teaching that any method used today
-Games need storytellers, designers, creators
video games rely heavily on r-brain activities such as symphony, trend spotting, and patter recognition
Jokes rely on unexpected, incongrous, confusing set of events
-thought free laughter or meditative laughing
laughter club
-play cartoon caption games IDEA FOR WEBSITE TO BOOST HUMOR laughter scale
-play at inventing
-play video games (civilization

Man’s main concern is not to gain pleasure or avoid pain, but instead to find meaning -Victor Frankl
Materialist society —> Postmaterialist (quality of life, purpose of life)
Science and buddhism…explore the nature of reality and lesson the suffering of mankind
-meaning to work is key
-What if you had $20 million and 10 yrs to live, what would you do?
say thanks…do gratitude letters
20-10 test, $20 million and 10 years to live what would you do
spirit test…
Authentic happiness
Art of Happiness

Picture yourself at 90

2 comments on “Book Review….A whole new mind

  1. satriyahadi says:

    we are same read book by danpink and tell to much people to read this book because can to understand what we are importand to this year now


  2. satriyahadi says:

    we are same read book by danpink and tell to much people to read this book because can to understand what we are importand to this year now


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