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What I want…

I’m really having a hard time right now getting specific about what it is I want exactly over the next 3 months, then eventually 6 months, a year, 3 years and like I’ve said before it’s pretty hard to know how to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going.

Let’s just start with 3 months…

3 Months:

I want to have my own place in New York City near my sister and jay. I want to a good gym nearby that I can visit 3-4 days a week by 645 am. I want to have an difference making (meaning acting as founder, partner, or early employee), innovative, creative, free flowing, leading edge, travel required, meaningful job. I’m not worried about income level, although obviously the more the better, but the more impact I can have and the more meaning the work has for me, the less money I need. I want the company to think and exist internationally, yet act locally. I want to be connected with people all over the world. I’m not worried about hours, 9-5, 7-10, whatever…as long as it provides those listed above, I’m down.
I want to be actively involved in the New York City entrepreneurial community, and I plan to build a comprehensive network of contacts with extremely driven and talented people. I plan to open myself to meeting and talking with people everywhere I can, to grow, learn, and make friends from a wide range of backgrounds. I want to be enrolled in some sort of extracurricular learning experience, whether it be a writing class or language classes (preferably Spanish). I get to spend lots of time with my sis and the hog (jay), and also plenty of time to fly back to both Columbus and Cincy to visit with Julie, friends, and family. I’ll continue to push my growth from within, expanding my understanding of my emotions, who I am, where I’m headed, what I want, and what I want to create. I’ll improve my writing, continue my massive daily uptake of information through reading, meeting with people, watching and listening, and expressing myself.

I want to travel frequently outside of work related activities, continuing my sisters tradition of exploring the country on the weekends, and I plan to have a big trip planned for New Years.

Further out:

I will have a better grasp of my unique ability, and am settled into a career role that allows me to better utilize my unique ability on a day to day basis. I’m traveling frequently, but at the same time soaking up all the flavors NYC has to offer…

Of course this is far from a complete list, but it really is just start and an exercise to add some clarity to my next few months. This is done in a backwards manner, I should start with my end goal…what I want to impact, then move back from there but I didn’t really feel like doing that now. By putting some of this out in public it makes me more accountable, and makes these things known to the rest of the world.
Question….Hopefully I’ll get some answers, if not, oh well (and feel free to answer anonymously, you can make up an email address),
What do you think I should do next? What direction should I head?

What I want:
A place to innovate, travel, be free, have an impact, be influential, improve the environement, create wealth, explore life, my limits, try new things, a place to learn..

One comment on “What I want…

  1. Joe says:

    get it done man. now that you have it posted on here, there is no turning back. remember that email i sent before i started studying for the MCAT. exactly the same thing. and it worked. people ask you how you are going on your goal and it really keeps you on track. so keep it up. make all these things happen. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT!youre the man. go for it!


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