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The Internets…

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, and I’ll post an update on what I’ve been up to shortly, but I had to bring this up. I’m definitely in favor of net neutrality, the idea of the “pipe holders” being able to determine which traffic should be given priority is absolutely crazy. But regardless of what you think about net neutrality, although I’m pretty sure everyone other than telecoms and a few uniformed or well “lobbied” senators, believe net neutrality is in fact a good thing, you have to certainly be open to a good, educational, well thought out debate on the issue. And as our government has been setup, we have delegated people we deem the “best” to discuss and make laws on this and many other issues.

So someone please tell me why, and how this old chump who obviously has barely even touched a computer much less used the “Internets” is involved in the discussion…Let me rephrase that, he’s not just involved he is the Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, the group assigned to figure this issue out. Watching this guy talk about the Internet and how it works would be like someone asking me to talk about brain surgery. The good news is I’m not doing any brain surgery anytime soon, the bad news is this guy in a position to make a decision that infects us all. “The Internet is a series of tubes….” Just watch this video, wow.

A background on Net Neutrality:

One comment on “The Internets…

  1. Bradley says:

    Its funny and scary all at the same time! Had to watch this again.


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