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Photo Journal

Inspired by my sister (it was her idea) I’m going to add a photo
journal to my blog. Basically the idea is to snap one picture a day of
something interesting (not very deep, I know) and then post it up
here. Today I’m going to start with 3 pics taken over the weekend on
my weekend trip to Julie’s parents house in Huron, OH on Lake Erie.
Tom, Julie, and I met up and stayed with Julie’s parents at their newly
built, cozy house. It was a relaxing, brain break, computer free

Anyway, here are a few pics from the cold beach this morning.
The dog in these pictures is the energetic Labradoodle, Barclay (should
be spelled Barkley, I know). There is also a picture of Tom, but I
promise you that Tom and I were laughing together on the beach. He is
not sad in this picture, although I know it looks that way. Enjoy.

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