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Reflections of my mom (cont)

It’s amazing to see how many people were touched by my mom, in so many different ways. I’ll always know her as mom, but it is really neat to read about her as Laurie. Another reflection from her dear friend Thea:

Daniel, thank you so much for letting us know about Laurie’s transition into Pure Positive Loving Energy. It helped so much to know what that transition was like. It was comforting to see her in my mind, surrounded by all of you, loving and supporting her, and birthing her into her next dimension. A wise teacher said that the day of our leaving is determined. We get to choose how we will experience the time we have been given. And Laurie made some awesome choices about how to spend her time.She focused on the beauty of the world, on how much love she had for her family and friends, and always looked for opportunities to support others.

Daniel, I want to share a memory that has to do with you. (Mimi, bet you remember this too). We were taking a cranial class from the great and wonderful Charles Ridley. It was an awesome class and Laurie had to leave early on Sat. to pick you up at the airport. You were returning from Europe as I recall, and she hadn’t seen you for quite awhile. She was so excited to see you again and told us that she might not come back for class on Sunday but if you were planning to sleep from your journey that she would return. She was in class Sunday morning and we began our class with a meditation and after that meditation, Laurie began to tell us of her experience of watching you walk from the plane and how full of love and appreciation but mostly “wonder and awe”. “He stepped back into my life, like a Greek God, radiating with life, gorgeous, wondrous, and I am his mother.” I may not have gotten the words exactly right Daniel, but close, because the words are burned in my brain. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The love and gratitude. . . the wonder, the awe, was palpable in that room. She set the tone in the room that day and it played out to be magical for all of us.

Laurie and I began our relationship in 98 or 99. We began doing private breath sessions and then she joined the Breath Group and then assisted in the next breath group. I can still see her in her role as assistant. While others were slipping into a deep meditative state and experiencing the peaceful place within, Laurie would watch their faces like a mother watching a sleeping child and I would see tears fill her eyes. “Aren’t they beautiful, Thea?” is what she would say to me.

I went to Laurie for massage. Our love and respect was so great for each other that on her table I felt like a child being taken care of by her mother. One day I was so filled with that child like wonder and joy, I began to walk out of the door without my shoes. “You forgot your shoes, Thea”, she said and we just laughed and laughed. After she gave up her practice, she would come to me for cranial work. We created a magical world where we talked about this miraculous world, sea turtles, flying geese, the synchronistic happenings that convinced us we lived in a magical world. Sometimes we would both be aware of another presence in the room, and I would get up and put a song on the stereo and she laugh and say, “how did you know that was my mother’s favorite song?” Her parents would come to her and bring her much comfort. But mostly we both would drop into that dimension where there is only one, we called it magic, and she told me our time together was a life line for her.

I didn’t see your mom these past few months because she told me she felt like she needed to focus on some healing herbs and be more proactive on a physical level, but she would be back in touch as soon as she got all that organized. Time got away from me and I didn’t realize I hadn’t seen her since fall. During her illness she had been very private with her time and energy and I wanted to respect that. So the last time i saw her was right after your reception Andrea. She brought the board she had made with the pictures of the wedding in Maine. As she was leaving, Steve Haber was coming in for his first appointment. He’d been waiting for about 15 minutes, was a bit nervous about being here, and out comes Laurie with this big story board and shares the whole experience with Steve and my husband Bob. You should have seen the light in this woman’s eyes as she told us the story of the wedding, as she described her daughter on her wedding day, and how the whole family had come together including her exhusband Dick and she told us, she had never know such a feeling of peace, joy, love, gratitude, that the whole summer had been pure MAGIC!!!!! She was so grateful to you kids, you were her teachers. She would say, “they aren’t afraid to get out there and really live” and I would remind her that she had created a safe, loving world for them to grow up in and without fear, there would be lots of love. That your worlds would be ones of magic.

We promised each other that we would continue to work with each other no matter what dimension we were on. Our definition of “work” is to create magic in each other. This morning I awoke in a place I have never been in before. It is a place I have known about with my mind and a place that I have been close to, but this dimension was new. I will try to describe it with words, but please be patient, because the words seem quite pitiful compared to the experience. Imagine the “aha” you might have and the feelings that would come from that aha if you were a child and you suddenly realized that all the “characters” around you were your sweet loving parent dressed up in costume just to delight you. Wouldn’t you just laugh at the sweetness, and laugh at yourself for being scared, and feel relief and safe and excited? The Divine is everything and everyone and it is all good. Your mom and I were so connected and I believe she is experiencing that now and she is bringing that “knowing” to me. We would remind each other not to focus on the inconsequential and miss the profound. She is sending back to me the feeling of the profound.

Daniel, Andrea, and Tom, please know that Laurie had a “family” of friends who delighted in watching her dance, loved to hear her talk about her kids, tell Tom stories of their walks and magical messages from the Universe. We are so very blessed to have her in our lives. I know my relationship with her will continue. She and I didn’t need words to communicate.

I hope it helps to know that we are all thinking of you and holding you in our hearts.

Sending you much love. THEA BLAUVELT
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