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Best day yet in my affiliate marketing project.  Yesterday I generated $1,186 in COMMISSIONS on sales (sales I created for the company I have an affiliate relationship with) of $49,679!!!.  My net for the day was $731, which is an annual income of $266,000 (of course it will take a serious amount of effort to maintain this level after Christmas spending sprees die off).  Not bad for something I just wanted to play around with.  I really have a lot of fun playing with this, and I’ve basically gotten a fairly in depth education in ppc marketing on someone else’s dollar.  So now when I’m ready to market for my own businesses in the future, I will have all the tools I need.  But I can see that it really is possible to make an incredible living on the internet without buying any goods to sell, paying any programmers, or even owning a website! 

I also expanded my little operation by opening a new credit card that has no interests/no fees for 12 months.  I’m currently putting my advertising charges on to this card so that I don’t have to worry about carrying an interest bearing balance on cards while I wait for my commission checks to come in the mail (supposedly no later than 30 days from the end of the calendar month).  My biggest complaint is that google only extends “credit” of $500 on beginner advertising accounts.  Basically they will not let my advertising amount payable go above $500, regardless of time period.  So if I spend $500 in a day on advertising (which I’ve done twice), they charge my credit card at the end of the day.  This is incredibly annoying.  In the perfect world, I would accrue advertising expenses over a 30 day period, and then the balance would be billed to my credit card at the end of those 30 days.  Therefore I would have an additional 30 days to be billed for that amount on my credit card, and potentially another 30 days to pay it off.  The potential 90 day float would make paying off bills (even on interest bearing cards) a snap.  But google denied my request for more credit (too new of an account apparently).  Despite that annoying little feature, this business model is incredibly easy to manage financially.  At this point the only issue I may run into is not having enough credit.

By the way, my current ROI is around 67%, thus I’m earning roughly .67 for every $1 I put in.  Not too shabby.

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